Sunday, October 16, 2005

There are many reasons that I decided to attend MVCC and the most important reason is for my education. My purpose here is to graduate at the end of the two years with a bachelors degree and to go on to a four-year school like LeMoyne College in New York. I chose to attend MV in the general studies program and will transfer into the education program after my graduation. My decision to go into education arose out of several sources. The first source is my family; both my mother and my father are teachers in local school districts and they both really enjoy their jobs. Also my family plays a role because I come from a family of nine and my oldest sister Kim has four children. I have been around children my entire life and I love to be around them. Also I chose to go into education thinking of my future. Teaching is a great job for a woman to have once she is married and if she decides to have children. I want to be able to stay home with my children when they are little and teaching will allow me free summers and holidays. I can be home everyday after school to be with my children so I will not have to put them in child care. If I have children, teaching is an excellent occupation. As far as having a mentor, or person that I look up to in the field, I really admire my mother. She went back to college in her forties and is now extremely successful. My mother has made her way up the ranks from a fourth grade teacher, to the head of the local teachers center, and is now applying for a superintendent position. She does all this and still comes home to take care of her enormous family. That is why I decided to go into education.

Friday, September 23, 2005

My first few weeks of school have been very interesting so far. I enjoy most of my classes and my teachers have all been very willing to work with me on any material I do not understand. I had some problems in the first week with my transfer credits from high school but the admissions staff was very helpful. I have seen some old friends that I went to high school with but I have also made many new friends. The biggest difference between high school and my first few weeks of college was the culture shock. My high school was small and mostly one race. I like the diversity of all the people and the fact that I get to meet people of all different races. I also like the freedom of college. I scheduled my classes for the times that best fit my schedule outside of school and am able to work my job, friends, and family around the time I attend school. I like the fact that I have time between classes that I can go to the library, get something to eat, or just hang out with my friends before I have to leave. So far, I have really enjoyed my first few weeks of school.